BIT: Business Information Technology

Why this program?

This program has been developed for the students to cultivate 3 main skills for performing progressive work; they are necessary skills for computer tasks of the future. An accomplished student will be ready to perform progressive work as well as to initiate and creatively run new business model. They will be ready to open up the new world and pave the way toward full internationality in the future. These skills are skills in information technology, creative business applications, and communication; all help the students to better understand changes at the global level. The medium of instruction is English.

Job Opportunity

and expected salary


  • Analyst and designer of business information technology system
  • Developer of business information technology system
  • Business analyst
  • New business entrepreneur

Why taking this program at KMITL?

BIT: Business Information Technology, KMITL

KMITL is very strong at information technology; it is actually a leading institute of this technology. The atmosphere in KMITL promotes creative and progressive thinking. It also cooperates internationally with overseas educational institutes and frequently exchanges information with them to help prepare the students for the internationality of the future.

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Tuition fee

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Recruit Schedule

Announcement of the date and number of applications in the TCAS system.


( Portfolio )
2 Nov 2020
  • amount 5 people


( Quota )
26 Feb 2021
  • amount 5 people


( Adminssion 1 )
7-15 May 2021
  • amount 10 people


( Admission 2 )
7-15 May 2021
  • amount 5 people


( Direct Admission )
3 June 2021
  • amount 5 people